Fb-1600 nov
FB-1600 NOV FB-1600 NOV

Fb-1600 nov

F.1.1 Mud Pumps
Quantity: no. 3
Make: Continental Emsco

Item-ID: 3098

Kapazität: mumbai

Ort: mumbai

Zustand: Rebuilt

Jahr: 2013


F.1.1 Mud Pumps
Quantity: no. 3
Make: Continental Emsco
Model: FA-1600 (1) - FB 1600 (2)
Type: (Triplex/Duplex): Triplex
Liner sizes available: in 6” –7”
Mud pump drive motors: no. 2 each
Motor type: GE 752
Continuous power rating per motor: hp 800
Fluid end: type
Maximum working pressure: psi 5000
Test pressure: psi 5000
Pump stroke counter: type Magnetic/Proximity
Supercharging pump: type
Driven by motor of power: hp 40
Discharge/Suction line ID: in/in 6 x12
M.P. Pulsation Dampener: type Continental Emsco
Reset Relief Valve: type Retsco
Pump pressure: psi 5000psi

Transfer pumps
Quantity: no. 1
Make: Derrick
Type: 6x8x14
Drive motor type: Baldor
Power output: hp 100

Mixing pumps
Quantity: no. 2
Make: Mission Magnum
Type: 6x8x14
Drive motor type: Marathon
Power output: hp 125

F.1.3 Flare Cooling Pump N/A

F.1.4 Standpipe Manifold

Quantity of standpipes: no. 2
Standpipes ID: in 4”
H-Type Standpipe manifold: yes/no Yes
Kill line outlet: yes/no Yes
Fill-up/bleed-off line outlet: yes/no Yes
Outlets (total): no. 6 (2 x Spare)
ID: in 2”
Type connections: WECO - FIG.1502
Design standard: API


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